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Free yourself

How to escape the entrepreneurship grind and live an intentional life with no regrets

Hey I’m Linh and I live, breathe and lap up all things about Freedom!

So much so that I even have it tattooed on me as a reminder (amongst other tattoos 😜).

You see, growing up in Vietnam after the war I didn’t have much freedom. If anything I was taught that just surviving is enough. To do enough to get a good education, then to get a good corporate job. Doing enough to have some money to buy a home for my family.

But all of that typical plan blew up when I became a single mum at 20…

I realised I didn’t want to just dump my son with my parents while I worked and tried to have a social life. What I wanted wasn’t just to create security for myself and my son, but I craved to create real freedom to be there with him.

That’s the moment where I set myself down the path of business because no one was going to care about my freedom as much as I did. So I started business after business failing and learning until I finally came across the Virtual Assistant industry and my idea of what freedom looked like changed forever…

I could see with technology and the internet it was fully possible to work:


Whenever I want
(Time Freedom)


Wherever I want 
(Location Freedom)


With whomever I want
(Selection/Choice Freedom)


However I want
(Business Model Freedom)


Earn whatever I want
(Financial Freedom)

Interested in achieving Freedom for yourself?

I designed Outsourcing Angel to be the freedom company I wished had existed for me back then.

With all things centred around freedom for:


Our clients

(with virtual angels/VAs and automations)


Our team

(with flexible remote work arrangements)


Our VAs

(with work from home and be with their family)


Our communities

(with contribution through our ‘Love’ projects)

With my team, we’ve re-designed Outsourcing Angel to work without me and now I’m redesigning my life to live free from social expectations, FOMO, materialism and more.

This is my journey to live my life to the fullest with Fun, Love and FREEDOM.

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One of my biggest goals is to leave a legacy by sharing everything that has helped me with the world. YouTube is an amazing platform that allows me to create video content that can reach people from all walks of life. If you’re interested in learning tips, advice, and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today, then check out my YouTube Channel. Every week, I release videos to show you how you can run a successful business from home while being the best mother and wife.

Learn about my Business

For over 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of Australian and International businesses outsource work to Virtual Assistants while giving back to those in need. We live to give and this is why Outsourcing Angel is one of the best Virtual Assistant outsourcing companies in Australia.

Beyond providing employment opportunities to our Filipino Virtual Assistants, we also invest 10% of our company profits every month into worthy livelihood projects and charity initiatives. So by working with us, you get to be a part of our mission to create a better world.

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Linh is an amazing individual. I first met Linh when she was a guest on the podcast of a client of mine.
One of the things I really admire is how darned organized Linh is! If you look at her site, her collateral materials, her videos, etc. you quickly realize how talented she and her team of VA's truly are. I am speaking with Linh about working with her company and must say that few organizations have impressed me as much as Outsourcing Angel and Linh Podetti. If you need a quality VA relationship, do yourself a favor and speak with Linh. You'll be so glad you did.

Bill Doerr, CLU, ChFCChief Connection Officer, SellMore Marketing, LLC

Linh is not your typical business owner who loves to do business for money. She does what she does out of both passion and compassion. No matter how busy she is, she finds time to check on her VAs, sends them messages and engages with them as much as she can to show that she cares. I have never had any client as genuine, sweet and thoughtful as Linh. No wonder how her Filipino VA team in the Philippines is growing! Additionally, I also love how she shares her positivity and inspiring perspective everywhere. It reflects the kind of life she has right now. She's vibrant, happy, brilliant and successful!

Abegail Mae LosteVirtual Assistant

I believe every business owner should have a computer, a mobile (cell) phone and a Virtual Assistant. When it comes to a VA, I highly recommend Linh and her team. I have referred my community members to OA and it works. I also love how open and generous Linh is to her team and clients. She lives my values of Build Live Give.

Paul HigginsPaul Higgins Mentoring

I love working with Linh and the team at Outsourcing Angel. Linh is a total expert when it comes to growing a business and she shares her knowledge with passion and heart. She has developed a wonderful team with strong values to be proud of. I have no hesitation in recommending Linh for all your outsourcing needs.

Jade AllerbyOwner & Social Media Strategist

Linh is an expert when it comes to outsourcing and building a great remote team culture. She's an incredible entrepreneur and philanthropist. She brings an energy that's contagious and ignites people's passion and purpose. I am extremely fond of her work at Outsourcing Angels and have confidence that she's set out to achieve great philanthropic goals.

Rebecca PhamCorporate Operations, Strong Compute