I think it is most people’s dream is to be financially free and retire young. But unlike most people, when I think of retirement I think of boredom. I think of doing repetitive things, unproductive things and then getting really bored and sad. Maybe I’m just weird but I think you shouldn’t make it a goal to retire young.

Sometimes, when business gets tough I do think about pulling the plug in my business and tell my husband I’m going to be a housewife from now on. I think about how free it would be to not have stress from work and pressure to make money to keep the business alive. But fortunately I have such great staff who I love like my family, they give me a reason to stay strong and pull through with the business. It is so easy for us to think of escaping to an easy route in life when times get tough. Early retirement is an escape route to a life where you think you will be happy and have no stress.

So why is it really that I prefer work stress than to retire considering I do have the opportunity to retire now if I wanted to? Here’s a real life example of what happened to me when I had a taste of retirement.


Since my business is an online business and my work hours is flexible, I was able to go out shopping last week to buy myself some new maternity clothes. I had a great day alone shopping without the annoyance of my husband and kids. I felt relaxed and free, buying whatever I needed for as long as I needed.

Then during the week I visited the inlaws few times, hang out at their house all day watching TV and enjoying their company.

Sunday came, my husband had a work function on all day and I had the whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted. It should have been a great day to enjoy myself instead I found it difficult to find things to do to keep myself busy. Instead I was bored out of my brain. I couldn’t go shopping because I already went shopping and bought whatever I needed last week. I couldn’t hang out with my friends because they had things to do with their family. I couldn’t hang out with my family because I’ve been to their house almost everyday last week already. This was when I realized, I do not want to retire. Imagined if everyday was a Sunday for me, I would not be able to survive.

How much holidaying would you do? How much shopping would you do? How much of taking your kids out would you do? How much of all that can you do every single day before you can no longer do it anymore? I think I would be able to do nothing for a month before I get into depression.

The experience on Sunday made me so grateful that I get to work in a business that I love and enjoy. Nothing beats working when you get to do what you love. It helps you stay young because it challenges you, it brings your financial rewards, while you bring value to your staff and clients.

So overall, the key to life is to not wish to retire young, but to be able to keep doing what you love until the day you die. That is my dream!

What do you think of my opinion about early retirement?