Purpose in Life

Sometimes we are too busy between work and family or other activities that we really rarely think deep thoughts about the meaning of our life. But there are times that we feel empty and want more beyond what we are right now. It’s not about being ungrateful for what we have, but maybe we are missing something and have some thoughts that there must be a purpose for our lives or something we were meant to be or accomplish.

I am something more..

“Am I just supposed to be born, study, get a job, leave home, get married, build a family, retire and die?”
Occasionally, thoughts like these will make us feel demotivated because we are not content to go with the usual cycle of life. We feel that we need to do or be more to feel like we have lived a happy life.

Two years ago was a stage in my life when I was looking for some answers, I felt like I needed to dig deep and find out what it is that I’m living for. I wanted to identify my true passion and purpose in life. What is it that makes me most happy and want to do for the rest of my life that gives me a sense of purpose. Today, I want to share with you how I used a strategy or exercise to help you identify YOUR purpose in life.

Below are lists of questions which I have given answers to. After answering the questions, I felt more motivated, I start setting goals to fulfill the desires I wanted to achieve, treasure what I have and become a better version of myself. Now that I have a list, I can start working out my end goals.

See my sample exercise below and apply your own answers to the questions.

Purpose in Life (1)

1. Make a list of the things you do for fun, or that you really enjoy.

  • Socialising
  • Hiring people
  • Motivating team
  • Helping people
  • Charity
  • Play with kids
  • Talking to people
  • Eating different food
  • Travelling and seeing different places
  • Organising events
  • Going to party
  • Helping people in third world country
  • Online shopping
  • Making money
  • Building wealth
  • Learning new things
  • Personal Development
  • Exercising
  • Looking slim
  • Eating healthy
  • Being in love
  • Family gathering
  • Dinners with friends
  • Drinking wine
  • Attending events
  • Meeting new people
  • Helping others make money
  • Freedom to do what I want
  • Variety
  • Fine dining
  • Dancing
  • Singing Karaoke

2. Write down the names of people that you admire, and why you admire them.

Angelina JolieAngelina JolieShes beautiful, cool, was a rebel but turned angel, reminds me of me, she adores kids and uses her fame to help people

Robert Kiyosaki


Inspires me to be an entrepreneur, I love his story about him and his wife struggling to succeed but stayed together and fought through challenges.



Despite her being fat, black, she didn’t let that stop her from being successful. People admired her for her and because she is so good at what she does, no one dared to judge her.

Anthony Robbins


He is motivational, helps me to stay motivated, pushes me to think outside what I know, he is so passionate and strong within

3. Make a list of the things you do naturally without even thinking about it.

  • networking/building contacts
  • problem solving
  • team management
  • delegating
  • looking for new challenges to grow
  • talking
  • making new friends
  • helping
  • passionate about building wealth
  • outsourcing
  • recruiting
  • offshore recruitment

4.What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?

  • spending quality time with my family and kids
  • helping the poor
  • travelling and exploring places
  • helping my family
  • inspiring people to following their passion and dreams
  • staying free and doing whatever I want and when I want
  • buying the things I want and experiencing things I want
  • staying happy and grateful
  • feeling content and positive

5. What challenges did I face in the past and how did I overcome them?

  • had to work at a young age, not feeling loved, living in a family of control and pressure
  • dated bad guys and had a kid at a young age
  • Parents neglected me and left me to look after myself

I overcame by sticking to my dreams and goals. I didn’t let my environment dictate how my life will be. I was always looking for ways to improve myself. I reflected on my past and dissected the problems and try to learn from it. I had confidence that I will succeed. I didn’t give up. I worked towards my dreams everyday. Even if I didn’t know what I was doing, I would try it anyways. I studied and research. I used the negativity to push me harder. I wanted to prove that I can achieve anything I want. It taught me to rely only on myself. Things always work itself out. God has great plans for you. Just need to trust him. Everything happens for a reason. I kept asking questions why not? How can I make it work? I followed my heart and guts. I rather tried than not have tried and regretted. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do anything. I knew if I succeeded I can help more people because more people would respect me and believe and listen to me more. I adapted to whatever situation. If I had less money then I would spend less. If I had debt I would pay it back. I stuck to my principles and never lied or deceited anyone. I wasn’t afraid to admit I’m wrong. I not scared to say sorry. I believed that I can do a lot in my life and you only know how much you can handle is by doing it. If you have 5 kids and want to do business and go gym, you still can. I always think that there should be easier ways to do things. From earning money to being in relationship, it should feel right and flows.

6. If I could tell a large group of people my message

  • It would be young Asian children, teenagers, young adults
  • My message would be: Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and trust yourself that you can do it. God is on your side.
  • I could travel around the Asian countries, create teaching programs, teach kids personal development. They are probably too poor to have computers and internet, so need to be there physically.

7. Words I can relate to:

  • educate
  • empower
  • challenge
  • grow
  • love
  • connection
  • unity
  • people power
  • faith
  • trust
  • honesty
  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • respect
  • caring
  • creative
  • freedom
  • flexible
  • understanding
  • forgiveness
  • independent
  • fearless
  • take action
  • fast
  • family
  • world
  • people
  • children
  • hope

8. Everyone who I can help?

  • Asian children
  • Asian women

9. Identify my end goal:

I can help the Asian women and children to be able to achieve success in their lives despite their background. I can empower them with my true story of how I overcame my challenges and achieved my dreams to become a happily married, free-spirited entrepreneur while looking after my children. I was like them, but I didn’t let it stop me from following my dreams.

Let me know how you go with this exercise would love to hear your purpose in life.