Hi guys! It’s Linh Podetti here again and welcome back to my video blog series. Another video that I wanna make today is around the topic of “How do you stay motivated”. 

So I was asked by a fan or a viewer of my blog, she came to me and said, or she messaged me and said: 

“Linh, how do I stay motivated? I could meet two things like I wanna lose weight and I start to go to the gym, but then I would lose the motivation. Or I say I wanna start a business and then I’ll take some actions and then I get discouraged and then I just stop again. So how do you stay motivated?”  

So here’s an advice coming from my personal experience. I don’t really know how to make you motivated, but here’s how I make myself motivated and hopefully you can learn something from me. So how I stay motivated is that I have a really strong ‘why?’ For everything that I do, I’m very determined. For example, losing weight. That’s one of my goal. I’ve always had that goal. It’s because when I was younger, I was always told by some adults, who thought they knew everything, they said to me, “Linh, you’ve got the body structure like your mom weigh— you’re gonna be overweight.” ’Cause my mom, even if she’s a Vietnamese, she’s not a size 8. She’s a size 14 all her life. They told me that. At such a young age, I was like—what?! And I was so determined to prove them wrong. Plus, I didn’t like the look of being overweight or not being able to fit into things. It really stuck in my head that I’m gonna live my life and prove to myself that I don’t have to look like that. I know I was quite young, but I was still smart enough to go hang on ‘mate, you don’t know I’m gonna be that size. But my ‘why’ was that I don’t want to look like that. I wanna look the best that I can be, and my desire to look the best that I can be is my big ‘why’. And I wanna stay healthy, I wanna feel fit, I wanna be young— it’s such a strong feeling that I create for myself that it’s not just for fun. It’s not like losing weight or keeping fit is a little fun thing to do or as a fad. I’m actually doing it because it stuck in my head that this is the way I want my life to be like or the way I wanna look like. 

So the first thing is ‘why’. And that’s the same when I’m applying to business. I didn’t like the way my parents struggle for money, or living in Vietnam—I didn’t like the ‘poor’ life, and I hated it. I hated it with passion. But I do also desire so much of the ‘rich’ life. I’ve seen successful rich people being able to buy anything they want. They look happy. They travel. They can donate to charity. I desire so much of that as well. So I put a lot of feeling into that desire, as well as the feeling of hating the position…hating to be poor. So the first thing I need you to do is to actually determine what is your ‘why’ and that ‘why’ needs to really move you, makes you really determined, or make you feel such anger or such happiness if you think about it. Unless, you can have that ‘why’, you will be driven everyday to follow through with it. 

Okay, so the second thing that helps me stay motivated is the way I perceived time. I’ve always felt like I’m rushing through life because I feel like — what if I don’t live tomorrow? What if my life is only destined to be another two years of living? So I’ve always had that mindset in my head that I don’t know how long I have in this world so whenever I think of doing something, I do it because I’m scared that I won’t get the chance to do it. I don’t wanna regret. And it’s that fear of regret that makes me do things. So if I wanna start the business, I feel like if I sleep in today and not do what I say I’m gonna do, I’m losing a day of doing it and that means I’m one day slower to achieving my goal. So you need to stop seeing life as—taking life for granted and go, “Well I got 50 years to live. I can just do it another day” Well, another day may not come, and the way I think like that really helps me to take action. 

Now the good news is that you don’t have to consciously motivate yourself everyday for the rest of your life. Because I have been practicing staying motivated every single day, it becomes a habit. Anything you do in life becomes a habit. If you procrastinate, it becomes a habit. If you keep telling yourself “I’ll start tomorrow — I’ll start tomorrow”, you will continue to do that. It’s just your habit from then on. Your habit becomes you behaviour or will be your character. It’s just the way you are. You will be the type that will say things, say that you’ll do something, but you don’t. On the other hand, you can re-develop a new habit, so don’t worry that you’ve been this kind of person before. You can always change. And to change by practicing what I mentioned, start with the ‘why’, try to stay motivated, and keep doing what you say you’re gonna do for the next 21 days or 30 days. And the next thing you’ll realise is that because you start of when you’re setting things, you’re getting things done, then you’ll start feeling really proud of yourself or you feel happy with the results that you’re getting. And then, it becomes like a second nature to you. You don’t need to have to really motivate yourself consciously to stay motivated. It just happen. So every single day, I have a to-do list. I list all the things that I wanna achieve—I just do it. I know that I will do it because that’s just me. It’s almost like I don’t have to think twice about it. 

I want you to not get discouraged and think “Oh my god, this is how I need to keep motivating myself.” Know that it will take a bit of time to motivate yourself to keep doing things. But everything will become a habit eventually. So from going to the gym—if you went to the gym once every few weeks or months, you’ll never gonna be able to develop that habit. But if you could just push through and go every single day that you promised you would go for the next year or so, it’ll eventually become you, and you won’t even realise that it’s hard work. Same if you wanna start a business. If you set yourself up something to do some things and if you fulfil it and you do it, and then you see the results, and then you continue to keep doing it, eventually after you look back you’ll realise—oh my god, I’ve been actually doing these. It’s been effortless. And the question of how to stay motivated won’t even be a question. It won’t even be a problem. 

So that’s what I use to stay motivated and I hope that you could use that to try it out with your life and let me know how you go because I can’t say that my advice will work for everyone, but I think that it will at least improve your life. So try it out and let me know how you go. Thank you!