Every year I set goals for myself. I have always believed in goal setting as it is the number one thing that helped to give me direction in life and motivates me to wake up everyday. I hate to feel that a year has passed and nothing has improved in my life so I always make sure to set goals for myself before the new year starts and then reflect on what I have achieved at the end of that year. I also set bigger and longer term goals like 3-10 years goals not just yearly goals.


Some of the areas I set goals for are Finance, Love and Health. Finance usually entails the amount of money I want to make in my business, the luxury things I want to have and how much I want to contribute. Love is around who I want to be with (if I was single), how I want my relationship to be and how I expect to feel about my love life. Health is based on my ideal weight and how I want to feel about my body. I set and reset the goals every year. I don’t give up on a goal just because I didn’t reach it within the time frame, instead I continue it again and allow myself more time. As long as I know I’ve tried my best I’m happy to give myself more time to achieve them. You only fail if you quit.

I set goals in many ways. The best way I can recommend to help you achieve your goals even more faster and accurately is by creating goals as if it has already happened.

Here are some of the magical goals that I set that seemed impossible or hard to achieve at the time, but it came true for me. I have found this method to be the most powerful.

27/09/11 – 2 months before I met my husband I created a goal that looks like this (this is the actual note I recorded in my NOTES app from my iPhone):


8/11/11 – I met my husband!

I decided to test this goal setting method further and take it to another level by creating another goal 2 weeks after I met him, that says:


7 Months later, we got married and yes right now we do have a baby girl and she is over 1 years old!

Freaky hey? I definitely didn’t think it would happen that fast but I did set the goals with 99.9% certainty that it will happen.

So what you need to do is set your goals as if you have already achieved it, believe in what you’re writing and magically you will get what you want.

Let me know how you go and please share your experience with me.