I still remember that day so clearly when I saw the movie The Secret on TV for the first time. Just before I was heading out with some friends at an apartment in Docklands in Melbourne I saw the movie on TV and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV and wanted to watch it all before we go. I was in a state of shock and excitement because I realised I had been practicing the law of attraction all my life without realising it. It finally hit me that all the things that I’ve attracted in my life has been a result of my thoughts. I was doing it all along but just happy to know that there’s some science behind it all and that this can be something I can continue to do and know that it really works.

So what is the Law of Attraction and The Secret about. It talks about how you can literally attract anything you want in your life by creating a picture in your mind or create a picture on a vision board. You visualise and believe that whatever you want will come true. However the real secret is, you don’t just sit there and dream about it you have to continue to be an active and ambitious person in life pursuing your daily goals and somehow those things you wish for will come into fruition. Don’t just be a lazy dreamer, be an active dreamer.

So every year since then I have been creating my own vision board and ask the universe to give me what I want. Everything I have wished for has come true and sometimes it turns out even better. Now for those who are sceptical and don’t believe me. Here is the evidence of one of those dreams that came true for me.

Back in 2011, I was single after a bad relationship. I moved back home and rented out my apartment. I was feel in quite lonely during that year and I remember every journal entry I wrote was about how I couldn’t wait to meet the man of my dream soon. I also didn’t like living with my parents, my mum and I clashed a lot. I was so used to living on my own and after being back for a few months I felt really frustrated. So I created a vision board and marked it as 2012 Shopping List.

2012 Shopping List

House Shopping List

As you can see in the above pictures I was imagining living in a nice looking house. A house I randomly chose from a real estate ad because it had the clean and white look that I liked. I’ve always been a fan of luxury cars, I bought myself a BMW in my early 20s and now I feel like driving one again.

So I stuck these pictures on my wall in 2011 and believed that it would come to me. I remember my mum even saying “what are those pictures on your wall?” I told my mum I was going to have that next year. She laughed at me. I also laughed inside because I had was even thinking, f*** how are you going to get that within 12 months with the way your life is at right now? But that was only 1% of me, the other 99% of me somehow really believed it would come true.

To cut the story short because this article is getting quite long already. In November 2011, my husband found me. He found a youtube video of me and approached me. We fell in love, I moved to Sydney and we got married within 8 months. Here is the house I live with him in Sydney and here is the car he surprised me with after we got married.



As you can see the house has a round glass room which is similar to the picture above. But our glass room is bigger. And the car I got was 328i, an even better version than the 320i I wanted. 🙂

Believe me now?

Don’t let your logic mind stop you from getting what you want in life. Dare to dream big and ignore your doubts. Believe in yourself and the universe.

Have you experienced anything similar? Share with me your story.