As an entrepreneur and a busy mum with a toddler, I knew that there will be adjustments on my daily routine, my (3)kids,  specially Monica when Jordan comes along. But it turned out ok, my eldest child – Dylan, really acts like a big brother, he is so mature and very caring towards his siblings. Monica really just love the baby so much too. She is not jealous at all, she somehow just knows that the little baby needs mummy’s attention. I think it helps that she goes to childcare where she is exposed to other babies and learnt to share and care for them.

In the first few months, my working routine didn’t change that much, Monica still went to childcare and since Jordan was a great sleeper, I was able to work a lot. I had some practice looking after Monica not so long ago, so taking care of a newborn baby was not so tiring this time.

But now that Jordan is growing bigger there’s definitely a change in my life. Although he is still a good sleeper, some of his sleeping patterns have changed already, he is awake more often during the day. I get to work when he goes to (7)sleep, but sometimes he wakes up faster that expected so I couldn’t work much. I can’t plan exactly what time I can actually work during the day since he can be asleep at different times. Although it does help to know he sleeps very 2 hours for around 1-2 hours, so I can work during those times. By the afternoon, I have to pick up Monica from childcare so it has been really a juggling act for me. At night I feel really exhausted so I can’t even work that much during night time when they are asleep.

It’s really hard to time manage with two small kids, but it helps by using a to-do list and write every single task that I need to do. I am a very organised and excellent delegator so Im able to offload a lot of tasks to my staff members who are a big help to me. I continue to train them up to become another version of me so I can have more time with my kids, get adequate rest and focus on other things on my company that I need to do like the marketing strategies and managing my team. It’s really important to have a great team that you can trust and keep things moving without you being there for them all the time. I’m a believer of “you can have everything if you really want it to” because of that I also able to manage my fitness and health too. I do some fitness routine at night when the kids are sleeping. I’m really proud of myself for keeping my fitness routine up despite being so busy with kids and work. I think it is important to look after yourself.

When Dylan comes around and visit us every one or two months, he’s so helpful, and acts more like he’s their father. He’s got a maternal instinct in him, where he knows when the baby is crying he’ll run to him and help me quickly to get his nappy. I think he will make a great father when he grows up. And Monica has been a great help too. She helps out with getting his nappies, She helps me mind him when I need to go to bathroom quickly etc. I could hear her say “It’s okay Jordan, don’t worry mummy will come back.” So adorable to hear.


Every day I look forward to growing with my kids. I love being a mum, I enjoy it so much that sometime I think about stopping work, retire and leave it to my husband to work and just focus on the kids.


(5)But what makes me to look forward every day is actually seeing my team, seeing the people that I work with. And I’m so proud that I can help create so many jobs and that motivates me to think outside of myself and my family. Because I’ve got a business that’s helping many families at the moment, I feel that I don’t have a choice to just retire and stop work, because it’s not like when you have a job where you can just quit your job and think about what you’re going to do next, wherein having a business is you have a responsibility. It’s like you’ve got your kids to look after pretty much. It keeps me motivated to turn up to work like when I turn on my Skype, I see all the happy people that I work with, have a chat with them. They’re like my friends in the office. I really do appreciate my life, where I’m able to work and look after my kids at the same time.

To be honest I can’t imagine working  9 to 5 at a company and having to put your baby into child care. You have to drop them off early and go home late and not see your baby all day. I’m grateful that I have a job that I could work from home because every 2-3 hours I’m playing with the baby, and when he is sleeping I can catch up with work. So I feel like I have a great balance in life. All I can say is that, you just got to think about what’s important in your life, work is important but so is your kids.

Try your best to find a way to spend as much time as possible with your kids because they grow very quick and they are not going to be babies all the time. If you’re brave enough, I would encourage you to even start a business from home so that you can work and play with your kids. But if you do have to go to work, then I would suggest hiring some help. Because for example on the weekends, we hire a babysitter to mind the baby so that hubby and I could spend some time together. If you work so much and you’re so tired sometimes you need to be alone, you need alone time with your husband.

When you’re struggling with time it’s about hiring more staff, you can even get a virtual assistant from overseas costing you a lot less than if you hire someone local. It may cost you money but with the time that you can gain back makes you more happier and it can make you focus your time doing more important things.

So overall, I have started to gain back my life and freedom again because of extra help I have in business and life. Life with new baby is not bad at all. 🙂

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