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Purpose in Life

Sometimes we are too busy between work and family or other activities that we really rarely think deep thoughts about the meaning of our life. But there are times that we feel empty and want more beyond what we are right now. It’s not about being ungrateful for what...

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Manage Your Finances Smartly This 2016!

With all the year-end parties, year-end holiday and vacation, gifts and shopping last holiday season, are your finances still on track this New Year? The presents are unwrapped, they might be greatly enjoying their gifts, but you are now scrambling to figure out how...

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2015: My year in preview

Wow! It’s so fast! I can’t believe that 2015 is almost finish! I’m excited because 2016 is coming. I’m excited because I know that it’s another year for challenges, a new chapter of happiness and just a new start for anything. But first off, here’s my annual review...

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Online Business : Is it For Me?

We are very lucky to live at a time where our technology is blooming. Over the past decade personal computers and laptops just keep getting better and better. Internet connection speed keeps getting faster and more available to everyone. With the readily available...

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Break Through Your Limits!

From failure comes hard earned success. What is the line that separates the things you can do and those that are impossible? I say NOTHING! Through my own experience I have been able to break through what people see as dreams and turn them into my success story. I...

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