Hi I am Linh Podetti There are two things in life that I am

truly passionate about : business and people. It was these

passions that led me to become the entrepreneur  I am today.

About Me

I believe in doing what you love, in following your passions to do what makes you happy my ultimate purpose in life is to create job opportunities for talented people across the globe, especially those in developing countries.

Whether you’re after someone to cover your social media, website development or even video production, my business have you covered. Years of experience also puts me in the perfect position to provide your business with the exact insight it needs on how to deal with business challenges and improve processes across the board.

I love managing teams and watching the magic happen when you have the perfect combination of amazing talent working together. The teams provide exceptional services that enable businesses to excel in their online marketing without having to lift a finger. With my experience in project management, you can sit back and relax as we handle all marketing strategies and execution.

If you’d like to discover more about how my businesses can help you, explore my Services today. Or if you are looking for in-depth, personalised Consulting services, discover more here.


Providing you all the tool you need to grow your business.

Red and Black Solutions

Red and Black Solutions can work as the backbone of your digital marketing agency. We offer flexible white label services so that your agency can handle fluctuating demand without having to commit to the burden of permanently hiring additional staff or even letting go of work opportunities. We can cover everything from social media, SEO and content writing through to website design and video production.

Monkey Video Productions

Monkey Video Production focuses on producing engaging short videos that can help explain your business or service in as little as 60 seconds. We organize professional voice-over, script writing, and animation in many creative styles. Our affordable video production is the perfect way for businesses to capture the attention of its audience whether it’s to advertise, educate, or simply just engage!

Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel connects businesses to the best Virtual Assistants to suit their business needs, whether for customer service and online marketing or even graphic design and website maintenance. We take out the risky components of hiring outsourced workers and assistants by providing continued management and monitoring of hired VAs. We offer fixed task services, prepaid hours’ packages, and even part/full-time VAs.


If you would like to see how to grow your business.

Every business faces its own challenges, and my consulting service aims to make the path to solving these problems, that are often hard and confusing, simple and pain free. My years of experience, combined with expertise in marketing and outsourcing will move your business towards practical solutions- whether in marketing, sales, or even internal processes.

The process is straightforward, but personalised to every business. To put it simply, I Discover and Resolve.


Firstly, I go into your business and get to know your problems, processes and even staff roles.

Some businesses have clear challenges from competition, needs for sales growth, or even greater reach with their online marketing. Other businesses may be conflicted with their staffing or may have trouble maximising the potential of their current staff.

Nothing is black and white, but I thoroughly explore your business’ challenges to weed out every matter.


Then, I provide you with real and practical options on how to resolve any of the issues identified. This may even include challenges you didn’t recognise earlier. Simple, but vital matters that need to be addressed.

My advice will always be tailored to your exact business needs. There is no standard template when every challenge is complex and unique. It may include hiring additional staff to handle processes that will free your local stuff from repetitive work. It might involve redeveloping your website or improving your online presence. There is no ‘one size fits all solution’. Depending on your needs, I can also help with the recruitment and training of additional virtual employees.


Few stories I collected from my clients I always take care of.

Linh is great to work with, she is a natural leader and project manager, she has great patience and gets results! She also has a brilliant talent for business development. Would recommend her to anyone.
Chris Joannou
Global Startup Director / Startup Grind
Linh has the gift of being able to get people excited about their business and motivate them to achieve things they may never have thought possible. She is a professional operator who knows what customers want and how to achieve it.
John May
Principal / Maybiz Solutions
Linh is a very driven and motivated individual who knows her stuff when it comes to outsourcing. Linh has provided me with a great deal of knowledge about how to run and manage a business and I have no hesitation in recommending Linh to oversee your online business requirements.
Shae Baxter
Content-Driven SEO Marketing / ShaeBaxter


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